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Creative 3D Technologies Has A New HQ!

Creative 3D Technologies is now officially setting roots in Austin, Texas! The company has secured a large facility in North East Austin and is ramping up to produce the latest version of Duo in-house!

Creative 3D Technologies Now Overfunded

Creative 3D Technologies was staggered with the pandemic, but came back with significant improvements, overfunded Seed round, and ramping up for in-house production of Duo’s latest version!

Creative 3D Now Raising Funding

Learn more about the company’s Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

(Edit: Now Completed)



Creative 3D Technologies designs and produces disruptive 3D printers. We’re focused on the creation of all-in-one solution technology. 3D printers that can encompass the typically separated function of an entire suite of specialty 3D printers, all-in-one, for a fraction of the cost. Spearheaded by new talent, we’re bringing fresh ideas, new perspectives, and an innovative set of practices to the industry. We believe in delivering cutting-edge, high quality 3D printers that offer more. You shouldn’t need an entire suite of printers to make a basic variety of parts.