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The DUO 3D Printer encompasses a single-machine suite of functionality, allowing you to overcome typical design constraints found with any other 3d printer.

Feature-rich functionality providing you with more ability
Ease of use with drag & drop interface
Reliability and unmatched quality
Accepts future modular add-ons to grow with your business

Independent Dual Extrusion

An Independent Dual Extrusion system increases your 3D printing capabilities! All modes can make parts in sequence.
It also gives you the ability to print parts using 2 different colors, 2 different materials, or even use 2 different toolheads simultaneously!

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Substantially decrease print and design time with the ability to print models simultaneously and their mirrored counterparts.


Expand your capabilities to in-house light batch production by printing duplicate parts and components.


The Dual Printing process can optimize printing up to 25+% faster, resulting in tighter tolerances, and internally stronger components. 

Ease of Use and Quality Assurance

DUO is actually very simple to use. Go from a 3D model to a 3D printed object in as few as 6 clicks! The versatile 32-bit web and touchscreen interfaces of DUO empower new users to create, while not being dumbed down and still satisfying the needs of advanced users.

Our strict quality control process assures DUO Printers exceed a standard checklist.
Your DUO ships securely crated and ready to print after basic setup.
You’ll even receive your DUO’s first print with delivery.

Where It Counts

Creative 3D Technologies has worked to ensure that DUO 3D Printers are only crafted with the highest quality components
so our clients receive the best printing experience.

NO MORE LAG between control boards & interfaces with our 32-Bit Electronics – DUO’s controller provides fast and reliable movements, a wide array of features, with a built-in responsive web and touch screen interface.

MODULAR BUILD PLATES are removable and flexible plates that can adhere to and release almost any 3D printing material with ease.

BONDTECH EXTRUDERS Provide precise, reliable, and consistent filament extrusion.

GENUINE BRAND HOTENDS that are high quality from brands like E3D provide reliable and consistent filament extrusion and temperature stability.

PREMIUM LINEAR GUIDE RAILS Provide the best linear movement possible, smooth and friction-free.

PRECISION BALL SCREWS Provide smooth, accurate, and backlash-free Z-axis movements.

ADDITIONAL BOARDS the other electronic boards in DUO ensure filament presence, movement, speeds, and other features to ensure print success or recovery upon fail.

A Minimalistic Design That Drives Efficiency

Extravagance doesn’t drive efficiency. We focus on performance and quality components that directly affect print quality while taking a function-over-form approach. This helps make DUO the most powerful and cost-effective 3D printer currently available.

Despite its large footprint, the DUO 3D Printer easily fits through a U.S. standard-sized residential door. With built-in casters, it’s easy to move at a moment’s notice.

Additional Details, Features & Benefits

  • Mix Drive Extrusion – Provides print quality benefits by providing slack in the line, high torque for large spools, & more.
  • Power Loss Detection – Allows users to resume a print after a loss of power.
  • Movement Detection – Detects the movement of filament and saves prints in case of failure!
  • Trinamic Stepper Drivers – High power, quiet motor movements.
  • Autonomous Bed Leveling – Different than auto leveling. Duo autonomously adjusts the Z motors to eliminate bed tilt.
  • Differential IR Probe – Precise Z probing with repeatability of .01mm

  • Status-Indicating LEDs – Provides aesthetic and informs the user of print status.
  • Drag Chains (all axis) – Keeps wires in order and prevents melted or twisted cables.
  • Capricorn Bowden Tubing – The highest quality of PTFE tubing provides a smooth, low-friction filament path.
  • Wifi & Ethernet Connectivity –  Connect from any computer device to control the Duo.
  • High-Quality Timing Belts from Gates – Durable, resistant timing belts.
  • Filament Sensors – Gathers data on filament presence and movement to ensure success.
    • Misumi Aluminum Extrusions – Makes for a strong frame & added modularity.

    • Keenovo Heaters – High-power bed heaters provide faster heat-up times, and accurate temps.
    • Filament Purge Buckets – Keep your prints ooze and purge block free!
    • Mean Well Power Supplies – High quality & reliable power supply.
    • High-Torque Stepper Motors – High quality and power for effective and reliable movement.

    • Fully Supported Filament Path – Enables reliable printing of materials with high levels of flexibility.
    • Mobility – Locking casters and bottom grips to allow for easier movement of the printer.
    • Full Enclosure w/ Particle Filtration (optional) – Enables use of more filaments by trapping in heat and filters printer emissions.
    • Filament Dry Box (optional) – Keeps your filament moisture free and moving smoothly.
    • Camera Add-on (optional) – See an image of your print’s progress through the web interface.



    910 x 460 x 675 (Dual) 910 x 500 x 675 (Single) (mm)


    1120 x 750 x 1160 (mm) (screen & chains detached)


    0.025mm – 1.5mm


    1.75mm, 2.85mm Upon Request, and both heated & cooled pastes with Paste Toolhead


    FFF – Fused Filament Fabrication (FDM)


    300°C Standard, 500°C HT




    110V or 220V Upon Request


    7” Touchscreen Interface & Same Board Web Interface