CreativeBot Duo Founders Edition

+Large build volume
Approx. 920mm x 500mm ... that's more than 12 1⁄2 cubic feet; perfect for making large prints in 1 piece or many prints at once! Greater build volume, greater possibilities.
+Independent Dual Extrusion System (IDEX)
Print large multi-material, multi-color prints and support structures. Shorter print times when making multiple copies, mirrored counter parts or detailed models. No more ooze from using 2 nozzles on the same extruder.
+Duet Board
Highest quality, genuine Duet WiFi board from Duet 3D.
+High quality Ultem PEI build platform
The PEI sheet offers excellent adhesion for printing and truly hassle-free print removal.
Full Specs - Buckle up as it's a long one
Fully Enclosed
Nozzle Diameter
Acrylic Colors
Founders Edition Red
Solid White
Solid Yellow
Solid Red
Dark Red
Light Blue
Dark Blue
Coke Bottle Green
Transparent Bronze
Dark Grey
Solid Black

Shipping will be via freight and calculated when printers are to be shipped