Investment Opportunity & Our Next Steps

It’s Ethan Baehrend, CEO of Creative 3D Technologies, I have some very exciting news to share! It’s taken me thousands of hours and years upon years to get to this point, so if any
 of our announcements deserve to do well and be shared around, it’s definitely this one! The news is that my company is finally moving on to its next stages, we’ve opened our very first public investment opportunity!

What We Do!

As a refresher on what we do, Creative 3D Technologies is a 3D printer design and production company, and we make some potentially disruptive 3D printers!

In short, I believe we’ve created the first 3D printer that combines numerous capabilities of specialty printers into an all-in-one solution. No more having 6+ 3D printers to create a basic variety of parts! Duo; our first printer, combines Large Format, High Speed, High Temperature, Fine Detail, Smart, Modular, Fiber, Metal, and that’s only a partial list of printing capabilities! Each of those capabilities is typically only found in a single printer. We combine all of those capabilities, include more key features, reliably, and aim to do so at 80% less than our competition’s retail price. Enabling future customers to potentially make parts never before possible with separated 3D printing functions.

Our Next Steps

The interest for Creative 3D Technologies has been strong from the start; we were even titled one of the “Top 15 3D Technology Startups 2019”! Now all that’s left is for us to move on to in-house production and get our products into people’s waiting hands.

To move us into production, we need to raise capital. Which is why we’re hosting the campaign with MicroVentures’ platform –  one of the financial industry’s firs

Funding Opportunity

Our raise with MicroVentures is now live on their website! Full details regarding the opportunity can be found there, in the pitch deck within the documents section, and further detail regarding the technology behind our product can be found on our website!
Anyone can invest and get in on the ground floor of a potentially very lucrative endeavor! This campaign is different from platforms such as Kickstarter in that we’re offering an investment opportunity versus requesting a donation.

I encourage you to peruse the details in the link below!
Thank you for your support!