Technical Specifications

Large build volume

900mm x 500mm x 675mm ... that's more than 10.72 cubic feet of build volume; perfect for making large prints in 1 piece or many prints at once! Greater build volume, greater possibilities.

Independent Dual Extrusion System (IDEX)

Use 2 Toolheads at once! Print large multi-material parts, optimize layer structure and make 50% stronger parts in 25+% less time, multi-color prints, multi material support structures, and use modes like Mirror and Replication mode! No more ooze or waste material from using 2 nozzles in one print.

Advanced Modularity


Make Duo capable of more specialties of printing! Toolheads are easily swappable to enable new functions. Add a HT Toolhead to print high-temperature materials, add a detail head to rival SLA levels of print detail, add a Metal Toolhead and add-on to print metals like a binder jet would, print pastes with the Paste Toolhead, and much more to come! Or mix multiple Toolheads in the same print!

High quality Modular Build Plate

Eliminate consumable adhesives, reduce prep time, and reduce risk of damaging hardware when removing prints with Duo's modular build plates! Plates easily attach, flex, and detach, and adhere a wide variety of materials, and save you consumable costs.

Mirror Mode

Capable of printing mirror counterpart while making the original part. No more slicing and reprinting.

Replication Mode

Simultaneously print multiple models. Duo can even print an entire sequence of parts by completing 2 prints, and starting a different 2 prints.

High Quality Components

Duo utilizes the best quality hardware where it directly affects print quality. We work with renowned suppliers like E3D, Bondtech, Dyze Design, Duet3D, HIWIN, and others. We take a function over form approach in all other areas and past cost savings on to the customer. 

Electronics  & 7" Touchscreen

Duo is accessible and simple to use. Printing is reduced down to dragging, selecting material, slicing, and uploading to the printer. Duo can be interacted with with the 7" touchscreen, or over the internet using the built-in virtual interface.

Smart Features

Duo's advanced 32-bit electronics make it host to a wide array of features. Duo can detect filament runout, filament movement/clogs, power loss & print recovery, and other quality of life features!

Machine Size

Duo is less than 48" wide and under 29" deep with the screen detached. Perfectly sized to fit through a standard door. With the printer's casters, movement is even easier!


In the event of faulty power or outage, the print process is not lost. When the board detects input voltage as dropping, the board will write a file to resurrect the print upon power retrieval, based on where it left of at time of power failure. The heads will then self-clean and resume printing.