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Austin, Tx.

Creative 3D Technologies designs & manufactures advanced 3D printers & manufacturing platforms out of Austin, Texas!
The company aims to enable your ability to create without the typical constraints of design limitations, high costs, or supply chains. The company’s first aim is to disrupt the 3D printing market. The present state of industrial 3D printing shares an uncanny resemblance to paper printing; instead of buying a single all-inclusive unit, you would outsource a print job to a print shop. That shop had multiple tools equipped with different fonts, different tools equipped to print at different paper sizes & resolutions, different machines to manage the colors, etc. Eventually, the paper printer was invented and brought the print shop into a single unit. Creative 3D Technologies provides the 3D printing industry with that single unit shift. Instead of needing a separate machine for a coin-face resolution part, a furniture-sized part, different metal parts, fiber-reinforced parts, ceramic parts, pellet parts, industrial parts, engineering grade parts, medical grade, etc., have a single unit that has the speed, tolerance, torque, modularity, and UI to make it happen.
Creative 3D Technologies 3D Printing Platforms encompass an entire suite of 11+ specialty printers in a single unit for more than 90% less than the closest competition while individually outperforming the dedicated tool competition in their own specialties.

Creative 3D Technologies is debuting its latest printer, Duo Evo, in the spring of 2023 to push 3D printing even further.

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