About Ethan

"Technology has always been a nice escape and fun thing to do for me."
He was just 13 when he was first introduced to the world of 3D printing. He said he learned about it at school and enjoyed it enough to purchase a small $300 printer to experiment with at home. After some trial and error, Baehrend successfully made his first model — a deer. It wasn't long after that the first printer broke, but it sparked a passion that wasn't going anywhere. In middle school, Baehrend custom-built computers and sold them; later, after buying a 3D printer, he began refurbishing broken ones. He's recently started his own business, Creative 3D Technologies, designing and building 3D printers.
"I enjoyed 3D printers, but I found a lot of flaws with them," he said. 
Soon Baehrend started buying broken 3D printers, refurbishing them and selling them on eBay. This wasn't far from the business he was already running: modifying computers for friends. He'd been doing that since middle school.
As his new side business grew, so did Baehrend's skill. By the time he was 16, he said, he started drawing up plans for his own 3D printer. This one, which stands about waist-high on the average person, is entirely modular, which allows the user to create a single torso-sized object as easily as petri dish colonies.
"I've always been someone who's interested in upgrading things and improving upon them."
"I took the best out of everything I know in four years' experience in 3D printing," he says, "and put it into something I can give to the masses."
That drive for innovation and curiosity are the values that built Creative 3d Technologies, a company created to make 3D printers that will print the products of the future.