About Us

Creative 3D Technologies was started from a commitment to take on the extensive frustrations and limitations of end prosumer user experiences with 3D printing. The result ... the CreativeBot Duo!

We are a partner of Creative ITC, a global IT infrastructure firm that has many ties to leaders in technology. Their relationship with firms such as Cisco and Nvidia will be a significant and beneficial resource to Creative 3D Technologies in that we will be able to resell Nvidia graphics cards. It is well acknowledged that without a decent graphics card, the rendering and functionality of CAD programs, when modeling, is hampered.

Creative 3D Technologies also has relationships with Bondtech, Precision Piezo, Duet3D, E3D and TreeD Filaments. These associations lend immediate credibility and confidence for the CreativeBot Duo to the potential buyer. Specialized boutique firms such as Precision Piezo and TreeD Filamens add unique and exciting options to the 3D printing user.

Overall, this positions Creative 3D Technologies as a worthy competitor in the prosumer 3D printer market. The CreativeBot Duo's features, especially, speak for themselves! This 3D printer has the most features and offers the most options for the end user than ANY printer on the market.

Ethan Baehrend
CEO and Founder