Large build volume Approx. 920mm x 500mm ... that's more than 12 1⁄2 cubic feet; perfect for making large prints in 1 piece or many prints at once! Greater build volume, greater possibilities.
Independent Dual Extrusion System (IDEX) Print large multi-material, multi-color prints and support structures. Shorter print times when making multiple copies, mirrored counter parts or detailed models. No more ooze from using 2 nozzles on the same extruder.
Duet Board Highest quality, genuine Duet WiFi board from Duet 3D.
High quality Ultem PEI build platform The PEI sheet offers excellent adhesion for printing and truly hassle-free print removal.
Mirror Mode Capable of printing mirror counterpart while making the original part. No more slicing and reprinting.
Replication Mode Simultaneously print multiple models
Base Dual Extrusion Mode Can print a model that requires 2 materials and 2 colors. Offering endless possibilities for the user. This printer is THE 1st to have this on such a large size print volume!
7” Touchscreen Provides an accessible and simple interface for when WiFi connectivity in unavailable or to use the printer on it's own.
Print Resurrection In the event of faulty power or outage, the print process is not lost. When the board detects input voltage as dropping, the board will write a file to resurrect the print upon power retrieval, based on where it left of at time of power failure. The heads will then self-clean and resume printing.
Stealth-like motor movements. May be the quietest 3D printer on the market with it's faint motor noise level.
32 Bit Board speeds The entire interface and printer overall is faster because it is not held back by the limitations and capacity of an 8-bit board.
Skip Step Detection Detects when printer missed steps or belt slips, initiates print recovery.
Status Indicating RGB LEDs LEDs serve as indicators for varied statuses of the printer and are also aesthetically pleasing.
Wipe Boxes Ends oozing and unwanted color mixing during multi- material or multi-color prints and also the need for a prime filler. This results in a reduction in money spent, print time and filament use.
IDEX Infill Mode Use both extruders to create a single model more quickly. The decrease time is at least by 1/3rd. When at this mode, 1 .4mm higher resolution nozzle prints the outer while another larger/wider nozzle takes the infill. Many printers are fit with a .4mm. The trade off is the print time since the infill is printing with the same resolution as the exterior. Until now, the only solution to increase speed was to get a wider nozzle...but this compromised the resolution.
Interchangeable Extruders The well designed carriage enables user to easily and completely swap out their extruder. We offer a whole ecosystem of modules for a variety of applications.
Partial Enclosure (full enclosure option available) Partial or full enclosure assists in warp prevention. Acrylic will be available in a spectrum of colors for user customization.
Smoother X & axis movements X & U axis are on industrial quality linear guide bearings. Results in exceptionally smoother movement.
Smoother Y axis and printer longevity Y axis runs on Open Builds' Open Rail extrusions. Extends life span of printer and allows for metal wheels which do not degrade as easily as composite wheels.
BondeTech BMG Extruder Undeniably light, fast and reliable filament extrusion.
Precision Piezo Sensor Accurate Z axis homing and mesh bed leveling reaching precision of .1mm. Better than other probes and homing methods due to measurements being taken from the nozzle and not a separately mounted probe.
E3D Volcano Hotends These hot ends are fast and reliable. User can print larger models more quickly. The larger heater block heats plastic quicker; therefore decreasing print time.
Super Rigid Frame Design Workhorse grade rigid.
MIC-6 Aluminum Heat Bed All aluminum heat bed using one of the flattest aluminum available. Heats up with ample spread and cools down quickly.
SSR Control Solid State Relay makes for EXTREMELY fast bed heating and consistent bed temperatures.
Olsson Ruby Nozzles In our experience, provides smoother filament extrusion and can handle the widest variety of materials.
Reliable and Accurate End Stops We use hall effect sensors as solid state end stops vs. mechanical end stops because they're more accurate and reliable.
Z axis ball screws The Z axis is driven by 4 ball screws. Eliminates backlash in prints and provides excellent vertical detail
High Quality 9mm 2GT Belts These high quality, wider and stronger belts ensure the printer makes full movements.
Easy Belt Tensioning Belt tensioning is one of the most crucial in 3D printing. Belt tensioning screws are on every axis to ensure all belts are taut.
High Torque Motors Low weight high torque motors are used on X axis to prevent potential skip steps and offer greater print possibilities.
Dual Blower Fans for Layer Cooling High air flow to match high print speeds. 2 blower fans mounted to either side of the hotend provide a strong presence of air to cool down layers very quickly without cooling the nozzle that consequently creates thermal air risk.