Creation without Constraints

This young CEO’s mission is to transform the 3d printing world

Ethan Baehrend bought his first 3D printer when he was 13. He was fascinated by the technology and wanted to learn more about it. Today, the 18-year-old is the CEO of Creative 3D Technologies, a Chicago-based company focused on innovative 3D printing.

“I’m a techy person in general, so even at that younger age, I was toting around different robotics and creating things,” he explains. “I thought a 3D printer would be right up my alley.”

After his first 3D printer purchase, Baehrend began to consider what else he could with the technology besides make trinkets for his friends and family. He took apart his printer and learned how the various components worked—and began to get ideas about how to make the printer better. He designed better printer parts and used his 3D printer to create them.

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