A message from Ethan Baehrend; CEO & Founder

There hasn’t been much in social posts from Creative 3D Technologies since mid-last summer but I’m confident that the delay was worth the wait. These posts will explain and bring you up to speed at our latest!


Early last summer (2019), I graduated high school and am finally able to commit full-time! Though I started Creative 3D Technologies in 2017 and put my every waking hour into it, I never quite had the flexibility to work most effectively. Right off the bat, I initiated big steps for the company beginning with moving Creative 3D Technologies from my hometown of River Forest, Illinois to an epicenter of start-ups; Austin Texas of which after a lot of city scouting, proved to be the ideal place to relocate the company for the long term.

One of the main purposes for the location shift was in anticipation to move Duo into production as well as our subsequent product lineup. Creative 3D Technologies has plans to set up a 2-in-1, in-house production facility and office. Proceeding with the traditional route of outsourcing Duo’s production proved to be more expensive, less efficient, and have significant longer-term setbacks. 


The advantage of proceeding with in-house production, though the initial expense is higher than the traditional route with machinery acquisitions, it outweighs outsourcing with its immediate benefit of cost savings once production begins. It also allows for a much greater level of quality control, enables us to constantly innovate our product, and allows greater levels of customizability.

Within a week of arriving to Austin, Creative 3D Technologies immediately began the process of preparing the necessary numbers, pitches, and information to open a second funding round. Networking and meeting with potential investors to raise funds has been a 12 hr/7day nonstop effort, as this step towards in-house production requires further funding.  

More than ever I have confidence in our product, what it has to offer, and the value of the company! Creative 3D Technologies is excited to announce what many of you have inquired about … we’ve succeeded in partnering to have a publically accessible, upcoming investment opportunity!  More detail will be provided closer to the launch date.